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    Raphael Navarro is a contemporary artist, primarily a photographer. He lives and works in north-eastern France.

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    What’s New in 2013


    Version 3

    Launch of the new version of the website Raphael Navarro



    Beginning of a new series, Model.

    Other Works

    Last work

    San Marco

    A high angle, a zone boundary, color saturation succinct. And here we are again with a meeting point between the large and the small.

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  • About

    Contemporary artist, Raphael Navarro works mainly in photography for over 10 years. French, born in the Netherlands in 1979, he made ​​his art studies in France, where he engaged in the production of photographic images. His work is strongly rooted in issues related to this medium, location, time, light ... If it works for other media is necessarily a photographic point of view.

    In short, Raphael Navarro capture fragments of time and space. A "disruptive" element in the pictures, will allow him to re-contextualize them, to change perspective. In the end, the evidence would be obvious to some, surprising others, "It's a fact of pure experience that there is no space without time or time without space." (Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki).

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  • Model

    San Marco


    Moto Hakone


    Flight 1, 47°31'13.64 6°45'44.54
    Flight 2, 47°39'14.62 6°54'53.99
    Flight 5, 47°31'38.05 6°45'35.23
    Flight 6, 47°32'03.72 6°51'34.66
    Flight 8, 47°26'15.51 6°36'37.24
    Flight 9, 52°05'44.24 5°17'18.07
    Flight 11, 47°48'48.87 7°30'58.16
    Flight 12, 47°37'31.76 6°57'26.97
    Flight 13, 47°42'51.40 7°6'2.32
    Flight 14, 36°21'23.43 138°59'54.53


    96 captures of 08-06-2006
    96 captures of 16-07-2006
    96 captures of 20-07-2006
    96 captures of 21-07-2006
    96 captures of 02-08-2006
    96 captures of 03-08-2006
    96 captures of 18-11-2006
    96 captures of 07-04-2007
    One Capture
    One Capture

    The origin and the end of the world

    The origin and the end of the world 1
    The origin and the end of the world 2
    The origin and the end of the world 3
    The origin and the end of the world 4
    The origin and the end of the world 5
    The origin and the end of the world 6

    Meru mount

    Meru mount 1
    Meru mount 6
    Meru mount 7
    Meru mount 10
    Meru mount 62
    Meru mount 67
    Meru mount 70
    Meru mount 118


    Make false with true
    Man with yellow hat
    Foot Kannon
    Stair descent
    Center and shift
    No entry
    View of Mount Falcon
  • Other Works

    Man walking

    Man walking is a artwork (with mirrors, wood, path, and Walker(s)). Mirrors at the end of the path, can note that despite the cul-de-sac, we still walked.

    For the exhibition "Courbet/Proudhon : A contemporary vision" (Courbet Farm, Flagey, France, 2010)


    Stand at the center of a room on a beam of 15 cm, stand in the center of a double video projection, one side light-water-air-ground, the other red-yellow-blue-white, wearing a suit, do not move.
    Action of more than 4hours,for the perfomance exhibition "Panya" (Gyoda, Japan, 2009)


    1000 cubes 6.5 cm photo paper glossy 160g/m2 for digital printing, video projection loop situations, 1000 shots (1hrs56mns41s) on a cube.

    Thousand cubic paper created by the artist for the exhibition "Alumni of..." (Institute of Fine Arts, Besançon, France, 2009)

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    Navarro Raphaël



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  • "Panographie® prolixe"

    It is not nothing, it is not empty. There is always something. The world delights in constant flux and unmanageable signs and symbols. In a catalog of pictures permanent, some seek the beginnings of a desert landscape where cancellation codes may exist.

    The images produced (photographs, videos, installations) offer simple subjects, there report on investigations of an individual in the space through which it passes.

    The horizon, the vanishing point, yet little considered as tools of narration, offer themselves as forms open to dialogue. The story in a linear constant freezes a point (Figure heap architecture, ...) to emphasize the infinite space escaping from either side of the frame, from the point of view of the artist. The speech is distilled in parts of ping-pong between what is visible in images and titles served: forms hopes to reach what is not accessible or at least not yet. As if the mountain is revealed little or is that all everyone, we are not ready to see.

    The work is not monumental, and when it spreads it's to become brittle, between clay and paper. Building a perspective, an impossible ideal city.

    In the game which is the subject between artist and landscape,the man wins like a large stone Buddha, frozen, hidden somewhere between a latitude and longitude, he erects meditative way, aphasia huge billboards that make a story that creeps indefinitely in motion.

    Art tries to find space for a few moments as if it was facing an ephemeral and virtuality.

    Julien Cadoret, 2009.
    In the catalog of the exhibition "Alumni of..."